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Safety Classes

NTX Firearms teaches the following Safety Classes:

  • NRA Refuse to be a Victim
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
Refuse to be a Victim
Refuse To Be A Victim

refuse2beRefuse To Be A Victim TM

Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for developing a strategy for ones personal safety.

The seminar includes classroom instruction on a variety of crime prevention strategies, from criminal psychology to automobile crimes to cyber crime. Seminars can vary in length, and may be modified to suit the needs of a particular audience. This is not a firearms instruction course, and does not include instruction in physical combat self-defense. Seminars teach about common weaknesses that criminals may take advantage of, and teaches a variety of corrective measures that are practical, inexpensive, and easy to follow.

rangestack6Strategies include:

  • home security
  • carjack avoidance techniques
  • cyber safety
  • use of personal safety devices

A complete seminar may last as long as four hours. Students will receive the Refuse To Be A Victim student handbook, NRA Refuse To Be A Victim® brochure, NRA Become A Refuse To Be A Victim® Instructor Brochure, Refuse To Be A Victim® Firearms Supplement, and a course completion certificate.

Price: $35.00


We also offer the Intructor Classes

Range Safety Officer
Range Safety Officer Class
Range Safety Officer Class


Range Safety Officer


The Range Safety Officer course consists of: Range Safety Officer’s roles and responsibilities, range standard operating procedures, range inspection and range rules, firearm stoppages and malfunctions, and Range Safety Briefings which include emergency procedures. Candidates must also receive 90 percent or better on the written exam.

Price: $120

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